Training as a Wellness Practitioner

Herbalism * Yoga * Bodywork…And now, Inquiry as an Integrative Gestalt Coach.

A Powerful trifecta that created a flow of work that inspired

Getting into this industry as a second career, I was very particular about who and what I studied…Only learning from those I felt a spark of personal inspiration.

I always have been so grateful my path began with Gary Ruiz. He’s definitely my OG (Original Guru) teaching the foundation of energy work, ethics and Education has always been a value of mine. And, when it came to holding another human being in my hands, I felt compelled to learn as much as I could…until I reached a place of feeling competent. A big part of being competent, is to only offer what you know and stick to that. You don’t need to know or do everything well, but do whatever you do well, and be honest about your limits. These are some of the things I was fortunate enough to learn from Gary –some of the things I hope to offer out as a teacher myself someday. It’s one of those things that goes across the board and applies to any wellness offering. Click on the links below to learn about my specific trainings in bodywork, herbalism, and yoga.

Captured by Ryan Gibbons


In 2005, I began learning the art of touch. For the next five years (roughly) I studied myriad modalities developing my own unique style, as I believe we all do. When people ask what kind of massage do I offer, it’s hard to give it a one-word description, as my style is complex and influenced from many great trainings and personal experiences I’ve had with healing the body.

Captured by Megan Reeves


In 2008, I began my herbal studies. The path of connecting to the plants has been one that has led me to a place of connecting deeply with not only the seasons as a way of living in better harmony, but also of being able to connect more deeply with the plants themselves as teachers. It’s a skill I’m still honing and not without many incredible human teachers along the way.

Captured by Megan Reeves


While my yoga training began officially in 2013 with my first 200 hour training, it really began long before that….and, will continue well after. It’s a continuum, as my teacher Janet has said…we never stop. Learn about some of my favorite + most impactful educational opportunities on the mat (and off it…or in the air, or water, or wherever the teachings were to be found)

What is an Integrative Gestalt Coach? Well, I’m still defining it, so stay tuned! Still in the phase of completing my hours, I’m not “official,” just yet, but I am excited to begin weaving this powerful form of inquiry into my offerings. Updates to come!

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