Re-Envisioning Wellness

Assorted photos captured by Megan Reeves, Ryan Gibbons, Indra Fortney and Chloe Jackman, and both versions of the logo done by the incredible Julia Allen

Creating two unique Wellness Studios gave Jennifer an array of experience custom-crafting offerings based on her unique gifts + the needs of her communities.

Integrative Healing was more focused on the individual, with the majority of services focused on personal services and those for small groups, with more an emphasis on bodywork + private yoga. Zen Lot was focused more toward the community, offering more classes, workshops, and collaborations and certainly had a stronger yoga focus.

While both studios were based out of Napa, Jennifer considered her community to extend beyond into the the wider Bay Area. With bi-weekly study in herbalism in Sebastopol 2011-2013 and weekly study in San Francisco from 2013 – 2017, she created quite an extended community — many of which, have stayed in her circle.

A Wellness Entrepreneur

“I never intended to be an entrepreneur…it was born out of me when I couldn’t find the place to work, to share the offerings my heart knew people needed to receive.” Striving to create this vision, Jennifer pursued many avenues of education to create a strong foundation of knowledge to hold each of her centers. “There is a difference between being a business person, just looking to sell a product. Anyone can just take a workshop or peddle what they know is “in,” right now,” and cultivating the wisdom to hold space for healing. Unfortunately, the way our capitalist system is currently set up really is geared towards the former…It takes much holding the line, much clarity and strong boundaries to offer continue to keep “the doors open,” and also stay connected to the heart in this newly developing + potentially monetarily profitable alternative Wellness Field.”

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