Integrative Healing: Your Creative Wellness Studio

Integrative Healing had a five and a half year run from 2011 — 2016. During that time the studio underwent a mural project by Angela Tirrell which helped set the tone of the studio. Created as a “blank canvas,” space, Integrative Healing was Jennifer’s soft-run at a wellness collective, renting the space out to other practitioners in need of space. Other offerings included music events, Kava ceremonies, Mask-making workshops, and courses in seasonal herbalism for the community. See below for some of the special events, community involvement within and beyond the studio.

Jennifer Created the very first yoga program for the NVFF offered to patrons who needed that 7th inning stretch. Captured by Mario Piombo.
Napa Film Festival Yoga

Born out of my own passion for film, I created this program, which was offered in 2014 + 2015 to film goers as a “7th inning stretch,” to help us all squeeze in as many films as possible.

Also Captured by Mario Piombo
Vino + Vinyasa In Partnership with Lululemon

During the years between 2014 — 2016 Lululemon + I partnered several times to benefit different non-profits. Each offering was a potent community experience, linking the power of yoga to greater collective healing + change.

Musical Offerings with Daphne Tse and Justin Ancheta Pictured above
Programs + Workshops

Bringing music, kava ceremonies and herbal workshops created the” community feel” that completed the vision I had for this studio in so many ways — one that included a holistic vision of health + wellness. Rather than something you “do,” and your good, wellness for me is a way of living + being not just with yourself, but with community too.

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