The Wounded Healer + Trauma

Navigating the Changing World, Trauma-Triggers + PTSD A week ago today, I chose to evacuate from my home from the threat of wild fire. I didn’t need to wait to be told — I knew it was time to go. I recognized it in a way that is quite ineffable and only comes with lived experience fromContinue reading “The Wounded Healer + Trauma”

The Wisdom of the Fertile Void

When the pandemic hit a year ago, I…like everyone else, didn’t know what was going to happen. As we’ve all been reflecting upon this past year (whenever your own personal world-stopping-anniversary occurred — Mine, was March 12th, the day I canceled all my massage clients with the famous last-words “let’s just see what happens.”) IContinue reading “The Wisdom of the Fertile Void”

Time, Solitude + Going Within

I never intended so much time to pass before my next blog post. Yet, as John Lennon said, “Life is what’s happening while we make other plans.” Life has taken me on an unsuspectingly journey during this pandemic. Since my last post, I spent the summer in Mendocino living on a permaculture farm and thenContinue reading “Time, Solitude + Going Within”

There will be time…For Now, just feel.

There will be a time to understand a deeper spiritual reason for all of this. There will be lessons learned + gleaned. There will be changes made as a result. But for now, it’s enough to just feel. In fact, trying to over-understand steals from this moment. Being presented is the opportunity to feel someContinue reading “There will be time…For Now, just feel.”