On Being

a Yogi, Energy-worker, Herbalist, and …Writer.

Labels have always seemed incredibly limiting, elusive, and yet…somehow still required to an extent in our world. The balance point for me has come in seeing these titles, or accomplishments as things I do, or have done…not who I am. They are very different. Our culture doesn’t often support that distinction.

It is up to all of us to claim it for ourselves.

Jennifer’s first passion was writing, which lead her to study English with an emphasis in Pop Culture, Folklore, and Cultural Studies at UC Berkeley. While working as a journalist after graduation (which she studied in New Mexico before transferring to Berkeley) she was in a life-altering car accident in 2004. That experience gave her a glimpse into the human healing potential and her curiosity was awakened. Soon after, she began her journey into the healing arts. Ultimately becoming a California Certified Massage Therapist, Herbalist, and Certified Yoga Instructor, Jennifer found most of her inspiration in offering combinations of these offerings to her clients as ways of creating sustainable life-style options.

After running her own Wellness Business for 5.5 years (Integrative Healing: Your Creative Wellness Studio) and then creating a Wellness Collective (Zen Lot) that had a 2 year stint (both in Napa), She decided to expand her vision beyond the confines of a studio space. In the years 2018-2020, Jennifer pursued additional trainings and took time for a sabbatical to re-imagine her offerings. Looking towards the future, she is excited to rekindle her passion for writing through several projects on the horizon. Also, through integrating some resent trainings into the tapestry of her offerings, Jennifer looks forward the next chapter. Continually seeking ways to be apart of the bigger conversation: How can we collectively create the systemic shifts deeply needed, so that all humans can know a more authentic, connected, + equitable world.

Always, always in deep gratitude for this life…and all of its blessings ~ Om, Namaste.

photograph above captured by Megan Reeves Photography

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